• Expand training


    On June 15, 2019, solstice 16, under the care and support of the leaders of the company, organized the company's management and excellent employees to go to the huangshan fenghuangyuan expansion base to carry out an expansion training for two days and one night.

    The development theme of "casting excellent management team, create brilliant", aimed at melting team, build trust, facilitate team communication, enhance team collaboration, you dare to take responsibility, have the courage to challenge themselves, tap potential, further enhance the strength and cohesion of the team, build a united, aggressive and passionate excellent enterprise management team.

    Training is a wing kei staff for each of us a soul of washing, let us know the value of the bear, got the responsibility of training, to enhance the understanding of team strength, feeling the communication, cooperation and cohesion, mutual encouragement, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and the importance of compliance with group norms, promoted to the big family of the collective sense of belonging, "CGP" showed the spirit of "CGP".

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